Method to Avoid DMCA? (Tutorial)

This a tutorial how to avoid DMCA takedowns that are currently killing all translators and killing the small novel reader community.


Okay people, without further bullsh*t. Let’s start


These steps are easy as pie. It would only take you a minute in doing this!


Step 1: Encrypting the text. Go to this site first. link, but if you are going to encrypt/decrypt long text or an Entire Volume go to this site LINK (Because this one is lighter so your browser can take the load)


Step 2: choose and copy the text of your translations or any licensed novel you want to copy.. for example  Obaalawdo.

Step 3: after you copied the file go back to the first link that I gave you in step 1.


Step 4: paste the text and click Encypher it! You’ll be ask to put a password, put anything you want.

Step 5: A window will appear as I said earlier it will ask for password, put anything you want! After that green text will appear that’s your ticket! Click copy to copy it


Step 6: Paste the copied text to translation site and put the password for the decryption! (So everyone can decrypt it!)

To make things simple go to my site!

Example this Obaalawdo prologue encrypted text (I provided the password there!)


Step 7: Copy the encrypted text and go to the site in step 1 and decipher it!


Now you can read it and the good thing is the format of the text wasn’t messed up!


NOTE: For the translators you only have to paste the encrypted text and password to your website and post so readers can copy the encrypted text and decipher it themselves.


This method is very easy you don’t need to be a geek to do this.


Note 2: If you are translating a licensed novel I also recommend changing the name of the novel to avoid suspicion. Something like Obaalawdu which we all know Overlord. You can change the name to something Project X etc.


Also posting novel illustrations of a licensed novel can caused DMCA to take down your site so don’t post it directly in your site. Post it in other image hosting site to be safe!


I also recommend to host your site here. If possible don’t host your site to any American based webhost since you have to deal with their bullshit all the time. If you don’t want to host to the site that I recommended then you have to DO the method I showed above.

Again use If you are going to encrypt/decrypt long text for example an entire Volume


If you wanna download epubs you can always go to my site. thanks


There are still other method but this one is the simplest and the fastest. Don’t even try to be a white knight and say to me “Oh, this is fucking illegal” “This is piracy”


Well, all I can say is if you hate it then stop reading all fan translated stuff. Those are considered Piracy. So stop trying to be a F*ckinHero and suck it up!


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