Vol 1-3 Ashita, Boku wa Shinu. Kimi wa Ikikaeru



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4 thoughts on “Vol 1-3 Ashita, Boku wa Shinu. Kimi wa Ikikaeru

      • Nope, he is right, it was hard to download the first volume (I had to try a loooot of times before get a complete download, the download starts but most of the times is unable to complete at least the 50% of the file), now with the volume 2 and 3 the thing is a bit different, everything goes well up to the point of click on “Download” on the Multcloud site, after the click on “Download” it just says “File not Found” again and again and again, is just unable to begin with the download, I already try with two different connections but the result is the same.

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