Akumu no Sumu Ie – Ghost Hunt


Midori’s mother has finally acquired her dream home, but it isn’t long before supernatural phenomenas disrupt the peace of the family. And if unexplained electricity failures, strange phone calls, and the eerie presence of spirits weren’t enough, finding unexplainable blood in the bathroom becomes the last straw. Mai and Shibuya Psychic Research are brought in to investigate, but what horrors will they find in the ‘dream’ home that turns out to be nothing but a nightmare?

The two books are a continuation of the Evil Spirit Series (Akuryou), but in a different setting.

Associated Names
The House in Which Nightmares Dwell – Ghost Hunt
The House of Nightmares – Ghost Hunt
悪夢の棲む家 ゴースト・ハント

Volume 1-2


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