I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world


The NEET Yamano Masaru (23 years old) went to Hello Work and found an interesting job offer. [A sword and sorcery fantasy, test play for Miniature Garden of Razgrad. Extended period of time, preferred to be able to live on site. Monthly salary of 250,000+]. He immediately went to the interview and signed a contract.

However, the place of employment is in another world. Because of the contract, he’s taken there, and in order to survive, Masaru received a cheat but is told the shocking truth.

“This world will be destroyed in 20 years.”

Can a simple NEET prevent the destruction of the world!?

Associated Names
NEET dakedo Hello Work ni Ittara Isekai ni Tsuretekareta

Translated by  Working NEET Translation

Vol 1 = EPUB | PDF

Vol 2 = EPUB | PDF

Vol 3 = EPUB

Vol 4 = EPUB

Vol 5 = EPUB


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