Konjiki no Word Master



Vol 1 = EPUB

Vol 2 = EPUB

Vol 3 = EPUB 

Vol 4 = EPUB | Dark PDF

Ch 001-100 = EPUB | Dark PDF

Ch 101-210 = EPUB | Dark PDF

Ch 001-210 = EPUB | Dark PDF







Translators and Editors that has been involved in this Project

Unlimited Novel Failures

Yoraikun, Tired, Tenshiroe, NightRacoon, NetBlazer, CAPSUSINGSHIFT, XCrossJ

Dalmenuis, NetBlazer, Yoraikun, XCrossJ, ELYSION, CAPSUSINGSHIFT, Loliquent, Pummels,InsigniaPierce

Loliquent, InsigniaPierce, Kiriko, CAPSUSINGSHIFT, Pummels, XCrossJ, NetBlazer, Yoraikun, EnTruce, LoliQ, Chuck, Chuckoy

Kiriko, Yoraikun, EnTruce, Chuckoy, NetBlazer, Anri, Noob, RIP Translations

Noob, BlazingTranslations, RIP Translations, DekinaiDiary Translators

Arsl31 (Current Translator)


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